Another pointless ramble

I'm starting to write a 5-8 minute one act with a friend but I don't know what to title it.
I figured out that my mask hanging on my wall is the perfect spot to hide "things" behind.
I have braces but I am THANKFULLY getting them off next month.
Will the soulless ginger joke ever end? It's old!
Reading the play "Rumors" by Neil Simon. It's funny, dark, and one Hell of a funny farce.
I like Hayao Miyazaki stuff but I usually don't like anime... and I hate Ponyo.
I'm competing in another music thing because I past qualifications with perfect marks... FUCK YEAH!! and then I'll head back to the gas station in a tuxedo.
Maybe a dress instead.
I'm going to be an Uncle by around October or November!!!
I hate being the youngest out of my siblings.
I compulsively count things.
Whenever I'm pissed or anything I never show it, what I do instead is I annoy people around me to vent my anger. I always feel like a douchebag around the week after though.
Why do people always insist on putting 1's in a group of !'s? It's annoying.
Too many pet peeves.
Why are thin and full eyebrows attractive to me?
You ever go wandering 'round town and suddenly BAM!! Then you're pregnant!

High & Flying (but not on drugs at the moment)


  1. ha. I'm also one of the youngest of a pretty big family. What is the the play about?

  2. I think the 1's thing started as an accident and then people started doing it as a joke. And no, I never walk around town and bam get pregnant.

    I do the impregnating! Boom!

    no, I don't... haha