Blog from a Guitar 3/16/11

So today I was being tuned, one string was just not cooperating, so he started tightening it and tightening it and finally it stayed. He was just jamming for about an hour and suddenly, SNAP! WHOOSH! Big ol' scar on his chin. Well obviously I can't be used till I get my tuner fixed,  new string, and his willingness back.
Forgetting about that, I was doing great yesterday in the jam session.
Piano, Drums, Bass, and me.
Just rocking some improv tunes for that "musical" he's working on.
I like being the one main guitar he uses. He has 2 others but he always comes back to me.
Hopefully that whip to his chin won't make him think otherwise now.

Suggested by Hurdy G
P.S. If I can get a good suggestion before about 4 hours after I post this. I might be able to write up another one.


  1. Ouch, that sounded painful. Sorry to hear about your string and chin. Have you posted any of your music? I'd like to hear it.

  2. Ouch man. Snapping strings are my #1 guitar fear. I'm so tense when making even slight adjustments that I turn the knobs incredibly slowly. And the strings make this threatening noise: Whheeeeeeiiiii *snap* lol.

  3. nice post
    next should be a..
    A tree! lol

  4. That NES gathering dust in your closet.

  5. Actually, I've had worse done to my chin.
    My ex-girlfriend (the day before we broke-up) accidentally lit the bottom of my chin on fire.
    I have a small bald spot on my chin now.

  6. What a dream. to be a part of the music scene.

  7. At my own guitar always having it's string break and slap people.

  8. I've actually never snapped a string, even though I've played the guitar for almost 6 years. It's pretty weird

  9. Guitar strings are quite nasty, however I'm just hoping I'll never snap a bass guitar string.