Blog from a Front Door 3/9/11

It's my first week being installed to this door and I can say, man have I been keeping busy.
I don't know if this guy just paces a lot or if he can't stand being inside or outside for too long, but all day I've been being open and shut all the time.
It keeps me from being bored though.
My hinges are too tight. every time I move I hear a creak. It's not like a small innocent creak, it's loud and boisterous. Does this just come with being a new guy or am I doing something wrong here?
I hear next week there's gonna be a party. That's gonna be good and all but I seriously hope that dart board gets moved away from me. Drunkenly thrown darts in my fresh wood polishing just don't sound too fun.
Well I can say one thing. At least I'm not that closet across the hall. Poor guy.

Requested by Tommo