My Internet and Life and all that shit are on the fritz

That's why I haven't posted in a while, just so ya know.
And also
Mosh Pits are scary... Unless they're in Utah...
It's people swinging frantically in the hopes of hitting someone but I feel like they all want to go up to the people and just say "Oh, I'm so sorry. You all right?"
Except for a select few people whom I thought were batshit crazy.
But that's besides the point, the point is, I think I'm currently deaf. Slightly.
I went to hang out with some pals, and I was taken to a Death Metal Trance concert... Jesus god alla allmighty Zeus...
It was loud.
And I got hit in the face... by a fist... But it ain't that bad... most I got was a sore in my mouth..

Fritz... Is that a real word?



A story about a high school student who basically invents a way to swing through the air flawlessly and becomes a vigilante
Evil Dead
A story about a group of campers who break into a house and find a book of the dead that calls to the world evil demons
The Titanic
A real life boat that sailed through the ocean and crashed into an iceberg
Phoenix Wright
A logic based video game series about lawyers

These all sound like perfect ideas for musicals

Okay, honestly, I don't think crazy things are necessarily bad things (I do like some of the songs in the Spider-Man musical, most of the songs in the Evil Dead musical, and the Titanic... well I'm going to be in that one.) but they're not good things sometimes either.  (the Phoenix Wright musical (though I can't understand it, I can read subtitles) sucks) I think there has to be dedication and a great respect for something when you take the idea of something and mess around with its genetics, you have to know how to respect it and take a cautionary approach with changing things too much.

Also I just watched Limitless... it was a great and fun movie.



I need to stop going on and on about how my day was because it doesn't make for an interesting story a lot of the time.

As I sit here, scratching my now shaven face, I have realized that my recent stories of being in plays are unappealing to read, to save myself from being a boring man, I have decided to talk about your day instead.
You woke up drowsily/readily/sadly/happily/uncaringly/bored/with a hangover and decided to go to the fridge/shower/dresser/sink/gutter and go about your daily routine. You then decided to look on a computer and check your e-mail/check your facebook/lol I don't hav interwebz/browse porn/play solitaire/play minesweeper/play some sort of flash or FPS game
Then you stumbled upon this blog post and read it/disregarded it/skimmed through it/broke your computer/turned off your computer because mainly insane people dwell on the internet and you don't want to look insane even though you end up running outside with a maniacal laugh of triumph to prove you are not a slave of techobobbles and the like/masturbate

And that's as far as I'll go