Another pointless ramble

I'm starting to write a 5-8 minute one act with a friend but I don't know what to title it.
I figured out that my mask hanging on my wall is the perfect spot to hide "things" behind.
I have braces but I am THANKFULLY getting them off next month.
Will the soulless ginger joke ever end? It's old!
Reading the play "Rumors" by Neil Simon. It's funny, dark, and one Hell of a funny farce.
I like Hayao Miyazaki stuff but I usually don't like anime... and I hate Ponyo.
I'm competing in another music thing because I past qualifications with perfect marks... FUCK YEAH!! and then I'll head back to the gas station in a tuxedo.
Maybe a dress instead.
I'm going to be an Uncle by around October or November!!!
I hate being the youngest out of my siblings.
I compulsively count things.
Whenever I'm pissed or anything I never show it, what I do instead is I annoy people around me to vent my anger. I always feel like a douchebag around the week after though.
Why do people always insist on putting 1's in a group of !'s? It's annoying.
Too many pet peeves.
Why are thin and full eyebrows attractive to me?
You ever go wandering 'round town and suddenly BAM!! Then you're pregnant!

High & Flying (but not on drugs at the moment)


Something for you all to know

In dreams a gun is usually a psychological translation of an erect penis, Fish can cough, and I'm not wearing anything at the moment.

Blog from a Balloon

Today started well. I got purchased with a pack of 99... Why not 100 I have no clue but I was the balloon first picked out of the bag because it was a pack of red ones yet I was silver.
Everything was going well but then after the party his nephew took me outside and immediately lost grip... or he let go.
Now I've been floating past the world for at least 4 hours and thanks to the wind I've seen 5 mountains, 2 cities, and one small town and I've even flown alongside some birds.
I think the pressure is getting to me. I feel like I might burst but I've seen a lot in these few hours. I'm up by the clouds. I guess this is a goodbye though.
Who else gets to go to a party and see more than most men in only one day?

Feeling like shit,


Too tired to think

This will be a ramble.
You ever get to a point that you're so tired that you end up staring at a wall for five minutes and  you're mind thinks about everything?
I hate medicine that won't let you do stuff. I am not allowed to lie down for thirty minutes, I can't eat for two hours, and I can't get pregnant. This sucks.
Especially because I'm tired right now but I can't lie down. Damn it all.
I like singing in front of a crowd. but I hate it at the same time.
I want to get a hat that looks like a hamburger... I will call it... A HATBURGER.
You know how it's bad to be a third wheel on a date? I was a 5th wheel the other night. Double date... and I get invited along and like the idiot I am, I say of course.
Did I ever tell you that that suit you're wearing makes my butt look big?
I went to the gas station in a tuxedo. The guy was all like "What's the occasion?" So I was all like "John Madden"
If my wallpaper had anymore kittens on it, I would have to burn my house down.

Sleep Deprivation, More dangerous than marijuana (which isn't all that dangerous)


Blog from a Lamp

Jesus Christ! Can he be any more clumsy? Or can he at least turn on the light? I mean, that's what I'm here for. Not to be knocked over in a sleepy haze while heading to the bathroom.
Over and over and over again.
I need a new shade. Mine is torn and out of style. Maybe something in a maroon color... or better yet, a forest green. That would fit perfectly with my wooden stand.

I wouldn't imagine lamps would have much to say.
P.S. I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay! and I pity any girl who isn't me today.


Blogs from a various piercings

Wow... I've been sitting here for a week and this is absolute garbage that she's eating. How can this be healthy?
I guess it's interesting seeing the world from the mouth of a singer... It's still sort of disgusting
-Tongue Piercing
I can't believe it. Just sitting in the drawer and when I'm finally about to be used again, my biggest gem seems to be missing. I just can't believe it. I'm perfect for the occasion! But this giant gaping hole is just not symmetrical with my other. I guess she's got a decent reason... I still can't believe it...
-Ear Piercing
Well, what can I say? 
-Naval Piercing

I'd go further, but I'm trying not to be dirty
P.S. Note the "she"s instead of "he"s. These are not my piercings. I am piercing free... for now... until I get drunk at a party and make a stupid call for an appointment at a piercing and tattoo place getting a tattoo at the same time of two pieces of bread in nun clothing with a banner under it saying "Beware the nun buns"... either that or I'll get one to impress a girl.


Blog from a Television (F Bomb warning, because I think my T.V. has been around that word a lot.)

All right, I can deal with that Classic Video Gaming marathon he had. I can deal with when he just decides to watch random shitty movies like Garbage Pail Kids.
But when you have a full, every episode marathon... of Scrubs. From episode 1 season one to episode What The Fuck are you doing watching all of them in one day because you are slightly stressed out?
That's a bit weak.
At least he's watching funny stuff right now... I think it's supposed to be funny... In a dark way...
Extremely dark and epic mindfuck... in Czech...
What's the deal with the foreign movies anyway?
Amelie, Life is Beautiful, Tokyo Godfathers, Pan's Labyrinth.
English not good enough for him?
I guess I can't blame him. A lot that comes out in English is complete shit.

P.S. That mindfuck movie is called "Little Otik" and you can find it streaming on Netflix.
Also, those 4 movies listed are some of my all time favorites. Check 'em out if you can, they're great.


Blog from an NES

Nothing. For the past year, I have been doing absolutely nothing.
Just sitting in the drawer with all my pieces in working condition.
Why? Because I'm boring. Why am I not being sold? Nostalgia.
I could use a good cleaning.
I could use a good playthrough.
I could use being sold.
Maybe, for some reason he could bring me out and play some Bubble Bobble or Castlevania.
That's not likely to happen. Study, study, study, and other forms of "recreation".
Am I boring? I have tons of games. Lots of them are shit but I still have some classics like Contra, Duck Hunt, and almost every Megaman.
I guess I've just worn out my splendor.

Suggested by ~Fabi
P.S. I am now busting out all my old systems for a good cleaning and tomorrow, I'm throwing a classic games marathon since I literally haven't played some in over 5 months.


Blog from a Tree 3/16/11

Nothing much interesting has gone on today. I've just been pissed on, I've had little kids tear off my sticks and leaves, and a couple carve their initials in me.
Life is fantastic.
I don't mind if I'm climbed in, but if there is no care for their (or my) safety. They shouldn't climb.
Case point, a small, probably 5-year old kid was climbing and decides to just jump... From my very top...
What was he thinking? He's lucky he didn't get any broken bones or even survived from that height.
I guess I feel like a gaurdian to all the people that lay under me for shade. Too bad I can't really help them though.

Suggested by SKINNYBOX
P.S. Next one will be an old NES system.

Blog from a Guitar 3/16/11

So today I was being tuned, one string was just not cooperating, so he started tightening it and tightening it and finally it stayed. He was just jamming for about an hour and suddenly, SNAP! WHOOSH! Big ol' scar on his chin. Well obviously I can't be used till I get my tuner fixed,  new string, and his willingness back.
Forgetting about that, I was doing great yesterday in the jam session.
Piano, Drums, Bass, and me.
Just rocking some improv tunes for that "musical" he's working on.
I like being the one main guitar he uses. He has 2 others but he always comes back to me.
Hopefully that whip to his chin won't make him think otherwise now.

Suggested by Hurdy G
P.S. If I can get a good suggestion before about 4 hours after I post this. I might be able to write up another one.


Sorry, no post today. I'm very busy and there was a two year old crawling down the street that I had to help find the parents of.
Might post two tomorrow if I can, but all in all, it's gonna be a busy week.

Sincere apologies


Blog from a Sports Car 3/14/11

Do you wanna know what I hate? I hate when I'm driving along and suddenly I hear a loud pop and then my engine ends up sounding like shit.
My turbo is out and I don't even know what happened to my engine and now I have to sit here, in this driveway, and wait until I can get a new pipe and then get driven down to the Auto place, and then have him pay a ridiculous amount of money, just to see what is wrong with me.
What a great start to the week. Absolutely fantastic.
I hate this driveway. I hate this whole complex.
It's so f'ing thin that everytime I go through, I get a knick or a scratch. It hurts.
I guess I can laugh at the poor suckers who get scratched twice as easily though. With that ducktaped headlight and who knows what other problems it may have.
Can't Summer come fast enough? I'm going to be driven up to North Dakota from Utah, and it'll be one Hell of a great drive... As long as I don't have to pray I can make it with a gas tank that's near empty.

Suggested by SKINNYBOX
P.S. I'll do more of different cars every week or so, which was suggested by Found On The Internet Today
Next one will be a guitar.


Just testing mobile blogging, you can ignore this if you'd like...
Just testing mobile blogging, you can ignore this if you'd like...


Blog from a Piano 3/12/11

Don't you just hate when you're just sitting around for basically a whole week?
I feel like I'm gonna start gathering dust soon.
Oh wait. I think I hear his brother.
All right I had to stop for a second, his brother is a composer and is (in my opinion) a genius at the keys.
If only his brother could finish keeping me in tune. My lowest octave is getting lower and lower by the hour.
Maybe I could use a duster, some replacement pieces, and a new wood polish. I mean, I haven't had one in the last 36 years, and times do wear erode my pieces.
Maybe when he either gets cast again, or continues writing that musical (like that'll EVER happen :P ) then I can get myself in a good shape.
I am glad that I'm still working for the most part and that I was the one he kept when he had to sell two of his pianos.
I wish I could see those two sometime again.

Thanks for reading
P.S. Next one will be a car, just because it's a bad-ass idea and I wish I thought of that on my own.
also, that piano is at least 60 years old, and I honestly have no clue when it was last tuned if it ever has been tuned.

Blog from a Cell Phone 3/12/11

Hey, how's it going? I just got back from one hell of a busy day. Every second I either got/sent a signal, took a picture, or was being plugged to a computer.
I loved it though, I admit that I am a workaholic, and it could have been worse. I mean, he could have not caught me when I nearly fell off the bridge over the highway.
The main thing that's getting on my nerves is the ring I have every other minute. I admit the Trololo song is funny and good, but when I have to play it over and over, it gets to an enraging amount of annoyance. Dear God I need a new ringtone.
I finally got a replacement for my screen though, didn't even have to get taken to the store, he just found a broken similar phone at thrift store and traded the screens.
Wonder what happened to that phone in the first place though...

Suggested by Grafted
P.S. Any suggestions for ringtones? I'm thinking of this:

and also, suggestions for POV blogs, next one will be done today because I didn't do one yesterday and I'm thinking a piano this time


Blog from a Pillow 3/10/11

I think I've been forgotten, I used to get hugged everyday for at least a half hour before bed. Now when he gets home, he just lays right on me and sleeps. Maybe it has something to do with that girl he's been hanging out with, or maybe he's done with his rough times... I'll still miss being cuddled with.
On a brighter note, I finally got a new case! and it's not a cartoon one, just one solid color. Finally no more childish stuff. It's also a very sleek and red, I like it.
and I hope it will get washed at least once a week instead of once a month.
Now that I think about it, I'm glad that he's gone and been hanging out with that girl, I mean, it is my main purpose to be used as a comfort device for the head.
Good luck man.

Requested by Alexander
P.S. If you've read my first post, I got a date with that girl I was ranting about... Sort of.
I'm going to her place to help with an audition, and then we're going to watch a movie.
P.P.S. Need more requests/suggestions. I'm not much of a genius without knowing what I'm writing.

Random 3/10/11

Sorry, but the next POV blog will be posted later tonight, I just got to my computer and I'm leaving soon... To recieve an award!
I got one for singing a festival... It's not the highest prize but it's still a good thing to help my ego.
The song I sang was Linden Lea, and I loved singing it.

I'm off to receive 20$ for the local music store.
P.S. Next POV blog will be a pillow.


Blog from a Front Door 3/9/11

It's my first week being installed to this door and I can say, man have I been keeping busy.
I don't know if this guy just paces a lot or if he can't stand being inside or outside for too long, but all day I've been being open and shut all the time.
It keeps me from being bored though.
My hinges are too tight. every time I move I hear a creak. It's not like a small innocent creak, it's loud and boisterous. Does this just come with being a new guy or am I doing something wrong here?
I hear next week there's gonna be a party. That's gonna be good and all but I seriously hope that dart board gets moved away from me. Drunkenly thrown darts in my fresh wood polishing just don't sound too fun.
Well I can say one thing. At least I'm not that closet across the hall. Poor guy.

Requested by Tommo


Random 3/8/11

All right, people actually like my writing.
You have no clue how happy this actually made me. I plan on doing these once daily and I plan on keeping them relatively short so they won't become annoying and I will always be open to suggestions
Now since I am bored I might as well tell y'all some about myself.
I am an actor in training (explains my addiction to caffeine) and I do not claim myself as a great actor, but I do know there are some dream roles I have and some roles I know I could pass off.

West Side Story:
Riff or Action, Action just because I would love to sing "Gee Officer Krupke"
I would love to be the one who's death is the shit hitting the fan and I know I don't have the looks to pass off as Tony.
That being said, you could be so creative with Riff, you could make him seem slightly immature, but always having a scheme for every opportunity, or you could make him seem like a know-it-all jerk. He isn't exactly a definite character and it would be great to come up with my own definition for him.

Little Shop Of Horrors:
Seymour or Orin (The dentist) Seymour is a definite nerd in this, and I have the looks of a nerd on my own (ginger). While that would be fun playing a role similar to myself, I would rather play the sadistic bastard dentist playing it all out crazy and dramatically dying in the song "It's Just The Gas" (which wasn't in the movie) and on top of that, I would be able to sing the song "Dentist" which is one of my all time favorites.

Sweeney Todd:
Sweeney or Pirelli, first of all, I hate the film adaptation of Sweeney, it was lazy, they got rid of Sweeney's character development, and they took all the good comedy out of it ("Little Priest").
Sweeney would be great because he goes through a range of emotions, starting a hopeful, then to despair, to vengeful, to insane, then finally back to despair.
Pirelli is just a jackass and who doesn't want to act that part?

There were some of my dream roles and tomorrow, expect to see another POV blog

Blog from a sock 3/8/11

I wonder where all my mates are heading off to, I haven't seen some in a long time.
The other day me and my pal, Gym Socks, were in the wash but afterwards he was just gone. I'm starting to get a bit freaked out though.
It's probably nothing.
Maybe it's some sort of club. Just haven't got myself an invitation yet.
Speaking of the wash, I need one. BADLY.
I smell worse than Hell mixed with digested Taco Bell. I guess that's what happens when the Gym Socks are gone.
I am not meant to be ran around in.
I am for lounging. Nothing more.
What makes it worse is that it was a field I was going through. Now I have prickles all over me, and I know I'm gonna pull some of my threads out when I get those off.
Maybe tomorrow I can rest a bit.

Requested Kyle Shankin
P.S. Next time, it's going to be a door.


Blog from a College Notebook 3/7/11

Well I'm at a loss here. I'm all full. Even my cardboard covers are filled.
What do I do now? Am I going to sit in a drawer till I rot? Am I gonna be tossed out like all those wads of paper that have been torn from me?
I know I'm gonna be saved until the finals but I have to wait for a few months all alone before I'm used to cram all that information for one night, but after that?
I guess I had a good run. I mean every notebook has its end. I do have a lot to look back on too.
There was when my guy got together with that girl for some "study" and he left me with her binder.
That was one good time.
Maybe I can get recycled. I mean, he's such a health nut, so there's a good chance that he's also a big recycler.
But until that time comes I guess I can just wait.

Suggested by Rimo Jenkins
P.S. next time I'm going with the sock, but I'm still glad to take your suggestions.


Blog from a Remote 3/6/11

I am on the brink of insanity!
Every week I find myself slipping between those cushions or being kicked under that damn couch. It wouldn't have been so bad, but I just barely got back from being under there for 6 days! I could hear them talking and sitting on the couch saying "hey where's the remote?" with the same dull-witted "I dunno." How come they don't look where they always find it? I'd think that that knowledge would be implanted in their heads by now. And how come they never lose that Wii-mote or the DVD remote? I'm just starting to feel a little left out by this.
It's not all bad though, I got through Saturday when those kids have me watch Pound Puppies or Dora. Now for a day of rest and maybe a good Simpsons episode... If I'm lucky...

Suggested by Diorf


Blog from a Squirrel 3/5/11

Today has been a good day, nothing much to really say. I can say thank goodness that Spring is right around the corner. All that conservation of food is just too much of a hassle.
I have placed the tree that I plan on gathering food from for right now, some flying squirrel thought he could get it. Nobody messes with me when I want my acorns.
I guess I shouldn't say bad things about the flying squirrels though, I mean, I am fighting that Eastern Grey just to get ones attention. I should just stay with my Douglas'

Suggested by follower Michael
P.S. Sorry if this one isn't as good, I don't have squirrels around where I live
I will take other suggestions.

Blog from a Fridge 3/5/11

Man, I've been starving this last week. I've been dying for some food. Damn microwave, he keeps bragging about how he makes those godawful noodles every 3 hours. I can hear him cooking right now, soon he'll start that horrible beeping sound.
I'm in the mood for some milk, I know the cupboard over there has a shit-ton of cereal and is getting tired of it.
Wait a second, there's the car parked out front. Oh please be groceries, please be groceries, PLEASE DEAR GOD LET IT BE GROCERIES!!
The best banquet ever! I can't believe all that food he bought! He even had to fill the basement fridge, and I know Basement Fridge has been starving for about two months now.

Requested by Kyle Shankin
Written by
P.S. If you liked this or think I have potential please, and want me to continue vote Yes! or state so in the comments.

Question to you all 3/5/11

All right, I want to write some creative stuff today.
Give me recommendations, I'm going to write a "blog" from the point of view of an object or animal.
If I get a good reaction I'll continue doing this every now and again.
All right, Tell me what household item or domesticated animal you want me to write a POV blog about?

Just slightly bored

Serious Thoughts 3/5/11

I found this in one of my favorite books ever, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, and I thought I would share it with you all.
The Golden Rule
"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them,for this is the law of the prophets." 
-Matthew 7:12

"What is harmful to you, do not to your fellow men. That is the Law; all the rest commentary."
Shabbat, 312

"This is the turn of duty; do naught unto others which could cause you pain if done to you."
-Mahabharata, 5, 1517

"Surely it is the maxim of loving: Do not unto other that you would have them do unto you."
-Analects, 15, 23

"Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain and your neighbor's loss as your own loss."
-T'ai Shang Kan Ying P'ien

"Hurt not others in ways you yourself would find hurtful."
-Udana-Varga 5, 18

"That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not food for itself."
-Dadistan-i-dinik, 94, 5

"No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself."

Secular View
"Do not do unto others as you would that they should do unto you. Their tastes may not be the same."
-George Bernard Shaw

This was posted just so I could say. In case those pictures of Jesus I posted are insulting, I believe that if I can  make fun of myself, and I can accept people making fun of me, then I think it's all right if I can make fun of something as long as they can take it.

"Do unto others as you and others do unto yourself"

Thoughts 3/5/11

I am thinking, what would the world be like if it was inside out? If Earth was hollow and we live on the inside and had a sun in the middle, and we could just look up and see someone on the opposite side of Earth.
I always wonder, if I rewind time and change one small thing, if it could change a really huge thing that happened around that time. For example, maybe if someone decided not to wear a hat when they went out in the morning, they might not have gotten mugged at the end of the day.
If I had all the money I had ever used, how much would I have?
I can't really stop counting. I compulsively count. I don't do it because of luck or OCD. I just like to know how much of stuff there is.

From the mind of


Movies (Wall-E) 3/4/11

All right, before I say anything I shall say this, I love Pixar, and I love this movie. The atmosphere is great, the story is better than most cartoons, and it has lovable characters.
There is only one thing that bugs me though. The relationship between John and Mary seems so forced. I'm saying it doesn't belong, but either there should have been more interaction between them and it should have been expressed better. It seems slightly out of place, but if there was more character added and more involvement other than the really forced parts (referring to the "Get ready to have some kids" line).
Lots of people love this movie and I can see why, but that whole relationship between those two keeps me from saying I could watch it over and over.
overall, I give it an 7/10 from Pixar standards, and an 8/10 in general movie standards

Story (these are some of my ideas) 3/4/11

Three ideas for stage things
I have a concept but no plot for this.
3 main guys, one talks all in palindrome, one in puns, and one in anagrams of who he responds to.
I want it to represent miscommunication between groups (racial and religious) but I'm not sure how
The other two ideas are musical remakes of two movies, I thought since almost everything is being remade to a musical (Spider-Man, Young Frankenstein, Legally Blonde, and even Catch Me If You Can is being made into one soon), someone (who knows? maybe I could do it.) should start rewriting stuff to submit on my own. These two ideas are both movies that star Jim Carrey, and have great potential
They are The Mask and Liar Liar.
If Liar Liar had a musical score, it could have somewhat of a jazzy style to it, while also having potential for slower stuff. One idea that comes to mind is when Fletcher insults all the people in the meeting, and also him beating the stuffing out of himself.
With The Mask, I can see absolute insanity, but it would one hell of a time making props, sets, and costumes, but I can see it working if you take some liberties. The musical style could range from Cuban Pete to maybe a parody style slow song.
These three are just three ideas, but I think some of these could be phenomenal. (especially Liar Liar)

Thanks for listening, don't touch that dial and keep yourself tuned in for this is,

Random 3/4/11

Here's some of my original art on photoshop and paint (I'm gonna fix the one in paint as soon as possible)
 This is the one I made in paint as you can probably tell from the stretch on the right side, I'm gonna remake it... someday

This one I'm slightly proud of, mainly because I live in a very religious community and I managed to make it in my school (this was made quite a while ago) all behind the teachers back. I could've easily been suspended for this

Movies (Un Prophete) 3/4/11

Un Prophete
(French Drama)
A man who goes to prison and becomes the "dirty jobs" guy for the high-class, run the place prisoners.
Don't let this title fool you, it's not a religious movie. It's basically a Godfather type story, but it's set in jail. You get attached to the characters and the film uses that straight from the beginning. It does have a long run time of two and a half hours so I'd say prep some snacks and have a few friends to watch it with. It is not a humorous movie but it keeps you in suspense.
Give it a watch if you're not doing anything and you're focused.
After the first watch you'll basically have an understanding of the whole plot, the only time you'll be watching it again is when you show a friend this or a year after the first time
I give it an 8/10

Story From Life 3/4/11

All right, for all of you slapstick lovers here is a story that is actually true.
I was at an amusement park, everything was happy and fun, all in all it was a good day.
Then there was one ride. It was a spinning ride that wasn't too vigorous, barely enough to make your heart race.
One little problem though, there was a little stump between the legs to keep you from sliding under or something like that.
All right.
As I was getting off of this ride, these two girls sitting next to me hop off and it shifts the weight or the seat... while I am in mid-lean.
The very next thing I can see is the ground slightly in front of my face as I am hanging from my... manly area... on that stump.
As that goes on, I start to think. "AAAAAAAAAGH, GET ME DOWN NOW!!" or something like that for the next ten seconds.
Life lesson #1: Always get off, out, in, or on first because if you don't, there is the possibility that you could get life altering pains
Life lesson #2: Walking always helps forgetting the pain.

This little ditty brought to you by


Life 3/3/11

Well, life is going well.
I can't really complain about anything.
Except for one detail. I know one girl (ooh, a romance) and I am interested in her, but I feel awkward around her for one reason. I told her to break up with her last boyfriend.
No, I didn't tell her because I had a crush on her (I only recently started to have a crush on her). I told her because he took her for granted.
Now that I like her though, I just feel like I locked the keys of the car (the car being her willing to have a relationship) that I thought I would never have to walk into.
Ha, all well.
All I have to do is find a way to pick the lock or a way to jimmy open the door without hurting it too much, then I can get in.
On another note, I started drawing pictures of my blank-faced teacher and then put it in different scenarios (Ex. Mr. XXX if he had wings, or Mr. XXX if he was an octopus (I'll post pics if I can get them scanned))
It entertained my friends.
His expression was blank when he saw it.
I shall make it my mission to get him out of that blank face of his.
As you might have noticed, I didn't post any names, I plan on staying anonymous (except TVR is my own initials) for as long as possible.
And also
The ellipses that I use between the rows of letters is my own way of transitioning between stories of my life.

Well that's all for now,


Intro to TVR

I set up a blogger account, I'm performing in a concert, and I bought a 64 oz. cup of Dr. Pepper.
As this is my first post on a blog ever, I might as well tell you all (all as in the 3 people (if even that) that might find this remotely interesting) what you are in for.
-I sometimes come up with pointless anecdotes, stories, and jokes. I will write them down here and hopefully give you all a giggle
-I like organization, so if I post something about my life, I will title it life, if it's a story, joke, or anecdote, I will give it a title and write story, joke, or anecdote next to it in parentheses.
-Recurring things will most likely be the following: Dr. Pepper, Concert, Bored (in the summer mostly), and Practice.
Now I am off to finish this 64 ounce cup of Dr. Pepper, stop being bored, and start practicing for my concert.