I drew a robot

That's all really


A little study

I've been studying psychology (not through schooling, just researching papers and even writing some and getting them read and even approved by some people who study it or have history with it.)
I've noticed one thing in general with most people, and this is probably very obvious to people who go to school for this, everyone has their obsession(s), and I've started calling it their "geek(s)" when it comes to them talking endlessly about a subject.
This is the thing or things that one person can talk about for hours and still say "wait, I haven't told you the best part" and I've noticed it can lead to people being classed (and I hate classing people) as the "outcast" because the topic is uninvited, not because the person is uninvited. 
I guess this is a preachy thing to say, but I've noticed most people who do this and become the "outcast" don't realize what is causing them to be seen that way.
The thing is people are either blind to their faults when their fault is something they enjoy and also people are selfish (This is not selfish to where they won't hold open the door because their time is too valuable, this is just most people if they are hungry and have a hamburger, they're going to tell you get your own fucking burger unless they see someone worse off or someone equal to them that they care for. Instinctual selfishness). Everyone wants their turn to talk and so when the person goes on their geek and no one else talks and they are forced to listen or leave. When that is the average of every conversation with that person is them going of on their geek, that's when they are no longer accepted, outcasted.
I just felt like talking, who knows, maybe I'm talking bullshit, but I'm just saying what I was thinking and that's why I have this blog

Remember if I ever talk Psychology, this is NOT from somebody who has credentials, this is from an observer. Take everything I say about this as if you heard a friend say it, not a professional.