I am Buckingham

I auditioned for a Shakespeare scene group that doesn't do whole Shakespeare plays but does ensemble, monologue, and duo scenes.
I got a part in the ensemble scene, I just have one line for this scene though, it's from Richard III.
Richards III is a bad person, and he basically killed a lot of people so he could be the next in line for the crown, and they come to haunt him after he is about to go kill one more person, and I'm the ghost of the last person he killed, so I get to do a loud booming line of dialogue.
I like it, even if it's small, I get to use my full voice that I always have fun using. :D

I like yelling.


Auditions again.

I walked in to some auditions the other day, I walked in and I was greeted by my name being said as a spoonerism (PopCorn=CopPorn, My Name= Ny Mame) I know the guy personally, and so I responded by saying his name the same way. After I was done, I said to the guy walking in "break a leg, man"

In hindsight, I'm almost afraid I was too casual, but I'll post up if I get anything
P.S. Busy busy, college shit.


Oh dear lord

I am so sorry for not benefiting your destruction of mind by making you listen to me incomprehensible rants for the last... how many days? Weeks?
Who cares. I am not a dead person... or else I wouldn't have been able to move.
Moving, it is a stressful experience... at least when you only have a 2004 Cadillac Deville (it's actually not a bad vehicle, it's very nice actually, but these ones become quickly outdated for some odd reason..) and are moving from North Da-fuckin-kota all the way to Mormon country... Utah... with a car that's absolutely full of junk...

But it's all fun... sort of... I left my hat in Salt Lake... It was my lucky hat... I need a frowny face here... :(

Get a U-Haul... or a truck


Blog from a couch

Hi there, I love you. 
Whenever you sit on me, I make sure that you will be one of the most comfortable men (or women) in the planet that we know as Earth.
But don't fucking overstay you're welcome or I will throw you on the ground like the bitch you are, it will happen so suddenly that you will feel threatened at every other GODDAMN moment at what else I have in store.
Aren't the flowers in me decal just gorgeous? They go well with the TV and just feel the pillows... no not that one... not that one... the one to your left... isn't it just the most comfortable pillow in the world?
Now get on your fucking knees and beg to you lord that I will not give you a neck cramp that will make you hate humanity and any type of sitting furniture for the rest of your fucking miserable lives.
Have a nice day.




recently I have been sleeping 6AM to 4PM... which is unhealthy as it is.
but now I am getting a small job where I actually have to be up at those exact times... bad coincidence.
So I did what I thought was smart... I stayed up from 4PM to 1PM the next day which was just about as long as my willpower was keeping me awake.
I mean, I was mesmerized by a slinky and not once, not twice, but what seemed to be 6 times, I moved the slinky and it fell and I jumped high enough to hit the roof each time...
Also I was watching the movie Purgatory, which was a good movie from what I remember, except for ******SPOILER!!!******
******the ending part where the Indian man throws the guys into Hell, I thought the idea Hell being******  ******a mystery behind the black gate seemed more appropriate... Also, I was so sad when the****** ******farmer was sent through the gate, you got to warrant that I had the mind of a five year old****** ******since I was so damn tired, but I was balling my eyes out at that part****** 
******END SPOILER******
So I went to sleep finally and then I woke up... at 10PM...
Now this was all yesterday so I thought not too much of it... but then I tried to ride it out again... but I was just able to stay up... till exactly the same time, I don't know if made things better or worse...