I've discovered a new Program

My friend showed me a program called Musescore the other day and I instantly fell in love with it.
Brief Rundown:
It's a free program, just Google search it and you can find it easy. What it lets you do is write printable and playable sheet music (so learn yourself some sheet music stuffs if you don't if you wanna use it.)
and I made a little ditty out of boredom (it has no effort at all put into so don't judge too harshly)
here it is.

Read this next part after you listen (if you do listen)

I had a picture in my head of someone who knew all the bad shit he had done, just walking their way to the gallows, in a spaghetti western type setting, and I imagined this music playing in his head because he was proud of it all but feared the noose waiting for him.

Please comment what picture went through your head as you listened.
Also any constructive criticism is always appreciated