:D D:

I am excited and nervous... I'm singing a classical vocal solo tomorrow morning...
On the other side, I've been replaying Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask...
I can't wait for the new "Damn Yankees" movie, Jim Carrey as Mr. Applegate... I like but don't like the idea of that...


Unfamiliar Territory

I'm starting to get into metal and I've always used to hate it.
I'm using a computer that's not mine... Why does the scroll not work and why is it when I press shift on the two where it marks the @ I get an "?
I'm starting to like a girl who doesn't treat me as her bitch (I've had bad relations).
I'm doing a dance concert when I consider myself a man of Musical Theatre.
Coca-Cola.... Mixed with Dr. Pepper (not the weirdest combination that I digest: I've eaten ketchup on spaghetti ever since I can remember, it annoys the Hell out of my pop but my mother does it too)
Weeds, not the stuff, the show... It's actually pretty decent.

It's fun to do other things once in a while


I feel like this at times

A party-goer wandered by simple and plain
He was just there without a claim for any fame
But at once he started to flip and to freak
And he started to move around and make his shoes squeak
"What is this music playing so loud?"
and the party stopped and he gained the eyes of the crowd
He looked up, shyly and embarrassed.
They chuckled at him and said "what's up his ass?"
He jumped up and abandoned that place
With tears almost falling from his face.
and so he hid for a month or two or maybe a lot more
He just knew with that song still going on that he'd just shut his door
In January
He still thought it scary
In February
Life wasn't too merry
In March
He hid in th dark
In April
He still wasn't able
In May
He thought "Her I will stay"
This all went on ending with December and continuing from June
All because of that following non-ending tune
Finally a friend found him sitting in his house looking older than time
He questioned and assumed that it was maybe it's part of a crime
When finally our character just said
"for 12 months I've had a song burn my ears"
The friend stood still and finally said
"you fool, you've had a song in your head for a few years"

My attempt at poetry


Audition Tips

This is for those of you who want to audition but have never done it before:
Don't look at the judges when you are reciting your monologue or singing your song.
If you have a sad monologue then use a happy song.
Be pleasant, not cocky, not nervous, just pleasant.
Try not to ask questions in your monologue, unless it's to your own character.
Relax and maybe even lie down before your audition just to find your "special place" (my special place is a small island with a 3 palm trees)
If your monologue is to one person, look above the judge and have one focus point, two people: Look about five feet to the left for one and five feet to the right for the other, three or more: same as the second but with one in the middle "but what if your character is talking to a crowd?" You'll look like an idiot moving your head everywhere, three is the magic number.
Don't just stand there when you sing your song, add slight character movements (Example: Trololo, seriously, if your song is happy, look happy and gesture happily, if your song is depressed, be sad about it. Also, my personal problem is that I tend to lower my eyebrows when I focus while singing. Don't do that.)
Callbacks are bloodthirsty underneath, don't worry about one-upping someone because it will happen to you.

That's what I use, you don't have to listen to me though, try your own technique.


Oh man

I have an unhealthy addiction to Dr. Pepper... I have a daily routine: get home, walk to gas station, get refill on a 64 oz. cup of Dr. Pepper, pay discount price for being a regular, repeat.



I'm sorry strawberry, we've been on this trip for a long time now and you've kept me great company but... I'm starving and that dead pig over there just looks disgusting, I'm afraid you're my only hope of survival... Don't argue, it will be easier this way. I'll just shoot you now to get the pain done away with.
Damn... That wasn't ripe at all.



All Right, Recap On My Day.

I would never break and enter into someones house.
A friend said that me and another guy can hang out at his house because it would be empty and unlocked... It was empty, that was true. I walked around the house with George (other guy) and suddenly "Hey? Are you Delic's" some old man asked, I said "no, I'm friends with the *****'s"
He asks for mine and George's name... I say the name of one of my friends in Sweden, and George gets the idea and says his name is "Spencer Moore" an alias name he's used before.
We get the fuck out of there after they write our names on a piece of paper (It's not exactly my friends house, he still lives with his parents, it's just easier to hang out there than at my house.)
Later, me and George were walking away and somebody called out to me "Hey, ass-hat"... oh the irony when he was wearing baggy jeans, V-neck low enough to see his bald, mooby chest, and a backwards ball-cap.
I flip the guy off... Don't judge, y'all probably would've done the same.
Then the car stops and they start running towards us... Oh shit, they have baseball bats... George, how about we run.... Wait, they're slow... Let's jog... Screw that, let's walk.
Last thing, when hanging with someone's family, you can hear some funny stories that will make you go... "really? I never would've thought..."

Today was fun.


all in one minute (except for signature and the Post Script)

All right, so today I read a whol;e play called rumors, I liked it, but the only thing bad is that it takes forever to get good,
Ranch on fishsticks is good
If Cats and dogs had fdifferent names what would be different in the wor;d
I don't kno w it I like

P.S. this was all done in one minute if you didn't understand. The "I don't kno w it I like" is I don't know if I like the story of the next play I'm auditioning for which is titled London Suite, but I need to finish reading it before I can judge.


Enjoyable Pain

Every man has done this at least twice in his life, just one stupid thing that could kill you but fuck that, you want fire or enjoyable pain (whether for yourself or others).
My example? New years eve. Whole pack of fireworks, get rid of all the cardboard crap and take turns aiming other fireworks at a pile of pure "flamability"
Also, making balls of fire that you can hold in your hands without burning them (it takes practice to make them though, be wary the first time you try) and then SAFELY and CONTROLLINGLY Scaring others (do not throw them ya dumbass).
Other random things, doing cartwheels when you clearly don't have the ability to do so and landing on your side as to not make damage but make a realistic impact to scare others.
What are your examples of "enjoyable pain"?
Leave something about that in the comments.


well this sucks

My left wrist is in pain making it harder to type.
Moral of the story: Soccer is fun but if you trip, use both hands to land, not one. :D


You ever get the feeling

I think cars hate me, whenever I get a ride I always end up hitting my head multiple times, whether it is on the window, on the ceiling, or on the seat in front of me.
Also, in certain cars, I feel like I just can't shut up... In the previous post, I did that monologue thing, but today I was making up a dialogue that started with the thought "what if I just said hello to the guy in the car next to me?"
Here goes:
Me: Hey, what's up?!
Other guy:... uhm hello.
Me: Hey, you wanna go for a coffee sometime.
Other guy: Who are you?
Me: I don't know, who are you?... So how about some coffee?
O.G.: I don't know you, Mom, can we go faster?
Me: Oh, well now I feel insulted.
O.G.: Oh, c'mon, how about some coffee some time?
Me: I already asked and you said no

And this crazy dialogue went on while the girl I was getting a ride from was just staring
and I did not stop

Me: (towards random high schoolers on the side-walk and my head sticking out the window) THE WIND FEELS SO GOOD ON MY FACE!!!

Yeah, I was a bit of an idiot today


Blog from an Insane Asylum Patient

I don't think that they know what I'm thinking.... they're all fuel, I'm a spark to light their knowledge, I DON'T BELONG HERE
If you saw you're God, would you jail them? Would you treat them like a criminal? 
They don't believe me when I say I have followers, well who are all of these here with me?
The people wouldn't be allowed to exist without me.
At least they don't know what I plan on doing.
My plans are so secretive that even my mind may not be able to understand. But I Know

I'll see them burn before they can get rid of their God.

P.S. You can assume that he broke his computer right after he posted and is about to go on a massacre that won't end until the shotguns get brought out.


The Other Day

I improv some random monologues when I'm extremely bored. Here's an example of one I did yesterday:
You really want to do this don't you?
There's been millions of different things written for stage but you want.. that to go on stage... and for two whole hours.
I don't mean that it is not an interesting thing, but even that can drag on...
I'm not saying it's a bad idea! I never said that! but again, two whole hours... People would be... finished... before that's up in most situations, and I doubt it'll get good reviews.
This seems more like something you should put on Television.

It was much longer, but I can't remember too much of it...
and there's a random trip into my bored mind.


Blog from a Snowman (Yes, I still have snow where I am, but not for long)

Well, I've been sitting here since January and I'm pretty sure I'm all ice by now... but I can feel the heat coming.
I think I've had a good run for a snowman though, at least I'm not going to be butchered with a baseball bat or going to melt because I was made by a drunk... wait... I was made by a drunk... and a stoner... and an overactor who might have been high and/or drunk... How have I been here so long?
Maybe since I'm nearly complete ice by now I can see what the sun looks like just for a bit and
oh crap there noes my right arm. this'll be fun... yeah I'm alread melting... screw thataplan about seeing the sun...
Hey, here comes the ovractor
with a blowtorch... well I'm fucked... bye, had a

Just a (semi-straightedge) overactor
P.S. If you've never used a blowtorch to melt a snowman, it is so fun.


Blog from a Cannon

I see you there, getting in my field, and I can't wait to shoot off in your direction.
The impact upon your body and the look on your face is always so satisfying.
The load up to the firing is such an exhilarating experience, whether it happens once or ten times in one day.
Maybe it's the waiting for it all to start that gets it all so fun. The wondering if it will be a big one expecting us, or if it will be an innocent bystander.
Or maybe it's the end when everything gets washed away and it all becomes a memory.

Suggested by Grafted
Perverted by
P.S. Auditions, acting, and helping. Three things I like but they keep me from blogging. :D


Because I'm a nut

I think I'm out of ideas for the blog from a whatevers, still taking suggestions.
Also, I'm working on auditions so for the next month my posts might be scarce.
Time filler: Wish list. (because everybody wants to know what others want)
XBox 360 & Kinect. What's this? I don't have one already? I am such a sinner >:( I'm poor so that's on my save up for list.
Child of Eden... I fucking love Rez, and the idea of using my whole body to play it is just.... orgasmic to every sense.
Dance Central/Michael Jackson: The Experience... I like dancing... shut up...
A cannon
A piano... I have one but I either A: have to get it fixed up or B: buy a new one...
Shooting for A
A car... doesn't matter. I don't want anything orange or a sports car. Too much work and too much of a "look at me " type thing
I guess I don't really want too much...
I like being happy with what I get. I just like having something to save up for. As long as I don't bitch about myself having not enough money or that people should give me things, I think I'm good with posting


Blog from a Hat

I am a fedora... but I don't think he's wearing me as a statement.
I thinks he just thinks I'm a cool hat. Maybe he watched too much Indiana Jones as a kid... Oh wait... It was all those 30's movies and Life is Beautiful.
I've seen almost everywhere he's gone.
School, Gas Station, even Sweden... And I was almost lost there.
He was walking and suddenly I was blown off his head and almost fell off a bridge. Thank God that his ex caught me.
I think people know him better with the hat. I mean, one time when I was sitting on the counter at a McDonalds and his friend walks up to him and looks at him as if he sort of recognizes him, he picks me up, puts me on his head and bam.
He is recognized.

Don't judge me because I like fedoras, I'm a sucker for 30's to 50's stuff.