Unfamiliar Territory

I'm starting to get into metal and I've always used to hate it.
I'm using a computer that's not mine... Why does the scroll not work and why is it when I press shift on the two where it marks the @ I get an "?
I'm starting to like a girl who doesn't treat me as her bitch (I've had bad relations).
I'm doing a dance concert when I consider myself a man of Musical Theatre.
Coca-Cola.... Mixed with Dr. Pepper (not the weirdest combination that I digest: I've eaten ketchup on spaghetti ever since I can remember, it annoys the Hell out of my pop but my mother does it too)
Weeds, not the stuff, the show... It's actually pretty decent.

It's fun to do other things once in a while


  1. I got into metal back in high school. lol.

  2. I'm finding myself tolerating a lot of stuff I used to not like, maybe just getting older.

  3. I've started liking a bunch of stuff I never thought I would,.

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  5. Hehe, im also giving some older stuff some trys^^

  6. Yup! it is always great to try new stuff unless it goes terribly wrong but still a good experience xD