All Right, Recap On My Day.

I would never break and enter into someones house.
A friend said that me and another guy can hang out at his house because it would be empty and unlocked... It was empty, that was true. I walked around the house with George (other guy) and suddenly "Hey? Are you Delic's" some old man asked, I said "no, I'm friends with the *****'s"
He asks for mine and George's name... I say the name of one of my friends in Sweden, and George gets the idea and says his name is "Spencer Moore" an alias name he's used before.
We get the fuck out of there after they write our names on a piece of paper (It's not exactly my friends house, he still lives with his parents, it's just easier to hang out there than at my house.)
Later, me and George were walking away and somebody called out to me "Hey, ass-hat"... oh the irony when he was wearing baggy jeans, V-neck low enough to see his bald, mooby chest, and a backwards ball-cap.
I flip the guy off... Don't judge, y'all probably would've done the same.
Then the car stops and they start running towards us... Oh shit, they have baseball bats... George, how about we run.... Wait, they're slow... Let's jog... Screw that, let's walk.
Last thing, when hanging with someone's family, you can hear some funny stories that will make you go... "really? I never would've thought..."

Today was fun.


  1. I would have totally flipped him off too!

  2. such actions can backfire badly

  3. There are a lot of douchebags out there. Baggy jeans, as well as Affliction shirts, are a dead giveaway.

  4. more stories like this! lots of action!

  5. i loved how you judged the guy then flipped him off then told us not to judge you, touche.