Blog from a Hat

I am a fedora... but I don't think he's wearing me as a statement.
I thinks he just thinks I'm a cool hat. Maybe he watched too much Indiana Jones as a kid... Oh wait... It was all those 30's movies and Life is Beautiful.
I've seen almost everywhere he's gone.
School, Gas Station, even Sweden... And I was almost lost there.
He was walking and suddenly I was blown off his head and almost fell off a bridge. Thank God that his ex caught me.
I think people know him better with the hat. I mean, one time when I was sitting on the counter at a McDonalds and his friend walks up to him and looks at him as if he sort of recognizes him, he picks me up, puts me on his head and bam.
He is recognized.

Don't judge me because I like fedoras, I'm a sucker for 30's to 50's stuff.


  1. I want to have a fedora, but I'm not sure I could "sell it"

  2. and now I have an ad for fedoras... :D

  3. he is wearing me as a statement. That statement is I'm a douche. Bold statement.

  4. and your statement is that you like to generalize people by one article of clothing.
    My statement is I don't care.

  5. Yeah a fedora looks pretty tight but I dont think it would go with my style haha