Stream Of Mind 2, The Sequel

All right, I'm playing my music to help clear my mind because as of now, I am trying to "Detox" from Dr. Pepper which is my source of stupidity.
Seeing how I can be stupid on many occasions without caffeine I think I'll try another stream of mind.
I finally finished Majora's Mask completely after about a month, I did take breaks because if I was sitting at my TV for a full month then I wouldn't be able to see anything that doesn't project light. After I got the last Heart Piece the first thought that entered my mind "That was anti-climactic"
I was talking to one of my female friends (there is a lot of crude dialogue between us two) and I said out of nowhere "My balls are itchy" like a true man would. She responded "Thanks for the update, that's about the same as me saying 'my vag is itchy'" My response to the response: "Not really, balls are a dangly part connected to the main attraction"
"Well they're in the same general area"
"You mean they're in the same genital area"

I've been growing a beard for the last month... I think the best way to describe it is "Scruffy" I guess I don't have the testosterone for a manly beard yet.

You know what happens when you take a bird out of it's habitat? I don't but I'm pretty sure that they don't like it.

I need to get out of this house... AUDITIONS!!! I CAN PRACT- Wait, I'm already in something... PRACTICE ANYWAY

Like most sequels, this in no way holds up to the original, I guess I just need more adrenaline than I do caffeine.


I love gadgetry and retro games

So I now have these nice headphones, they are completely wireless (except for where it plugs in and I'm sure there's wiring on the little signal sender) and I've been wearing them for a good 10 hours without the sound messing around and no need to change the batteries, if you can find them (they're made by Sony) they cost around 12-15 dollaroonies at Ross they are a good buy (except you want the one that has a small tower sender, not a semi-circle signal thingamabob).
Ross... I hate that store, whenever I'm with family and they want to go shopping, they go to Ross... "Dress for Less"... I found some shoes at a local shoe store for 15 dollars and at Ross they were, and this is not exaggeration, 40 bucks. Wow, I'm glad I avoid Ross like the plague.
I had a conversation about how Zelda is a whore, how she likes being kidnapped, and how she most likely has STDs. She has the triforce of Wisdom, shouldn't she know not to get caught, get turned to stone (she got stoned *drum-shot*) or just know HOW TO SHOOT AN ARROW?! She keeps hitting me in Wind Waker... fucking bitch...
All well, I've been playing DreamCast and re-realized something... I suck balls at fighters... I'm trying to play this game called "Jojo's Bizzare Adventure" on easy... I feel like I lost my dignity with how quick I lost.
Also, one time I was playing Street Fighter 4 at a gamestore and this little kid who was probably 6-7 clicked the other controller and so he was going to play against me and and he kicked my ass at it... I just need to stick to my shoot'em'ups.


Don't You Hate/Love Certain Dreams?

My dreams all last week consisted of amazing things, first, I had a dream that I was in ancient times (and I had an awesome mustache (And I don't mean one of the "ironic" mustaches, I mean a good mustache.))And I was on my way to a nice castle. As soon as I got there I learned that it was my own.
I was pampered and everything was wonderful and I suddenly got a bill out of nowhere, I looked it over and I pulled out my wallet to figure out I had no money.
I told the man who apparantly handed me the bill awkwardly that I had nothing on me so the building started crumbling and poof I woke up from the dream... I chuckled for a bit and then I got ready for the day.

Today I woke up from a terrible dream, I was smoking from a hookah (something I don't normally do) while I was in a limo with one of my sisters friends. We were driving down the street and suddenly I saw my Girlfriend making out with my best friend since childhood. I got out and he looks over at me and stands up, kicks me in the nuts and walks back (in real life I'm nearly immune to those types of hits, it's almost sad, I've been hit in a variety of ways.) I ask her "What the fuck?" and she says "I love him now" (simplistic, yes, but it's my dream) I walk over and punch my friend in the back of the head and he passes out and that's when I woke up.

Dreams are friends and enemies.
P.S. This was pointless, I know.


Wooh... break time!

I haven't been posting lately because I've been traveling, but I promise to start posting as soon as I can (and as soon as I can get the backlight on my computer working again) just for those few that listen to my rants and rambles