Stream Of Mind 2, The Sequel

All right, I'm playing my music to help clear my mind because as of now, I am trying to "Detox" from Dr. Pepper which is my source of stupidity.
Seeing how I can be stupid on many occasions without caffeine I think I'll try another stream of mind.
I finally finished Majora's Mask completely after about a month, I did take breaks because if I was sitting at my TV for a full month then I wouldn't be able to see anything that doesn't project light. After I got the last Heart Piece the first thought that entered my mind "That was anti-climactic"
I was talking to one of my female friends (there is a lot of crude dialogue between us two) and I said out of nowhere "My balls are itchy" like a true man would. She responded "Thanks for the update, that's about the same as me saying 'my vag is itchy'" My response to the response: "Not really, balls are a dangly part connected to the main attraction"
"Well they're in the same general area"
"You mean they're in the same genital area"

I've been growing a beard for the last month... I think the best way to describe it is "Scruffy" I guess I don't have the testosterone for a manly beard yet.

You know what happens when you take a bird out of it's habitat? I don't but I'm pretty sure that they don't like it.

I need to get out of this house... AUDITIONS!!! I CAN PRACT- Wait, I'm already in something... PRACTICE ANYWAY

Like most sequels, this in no way holds up to the original, I guess I just need more adrenaline than I do caffeine.


  1. how dare you say that about the doctor! its delicious!! lol.

  2. Too bad about the beard skills. I can get a decent one in about a week.

  3. That seems like youre still pretty intoxicated oO