I love gadgetry and retro games

So I now have these nice headphones, they are completely wireless (except for where it plugs in and I'm sure there's wiring on the little signal sender) and I've been wearing them for a good 10 hours without the sound messing around and no need to change the batteries, if you can find them (they're made by Sony) they cost around 12-15 dollaroonies at Ross they are a good buy (except you want the one that has a small tower sender, not a semi-circle signal thingamabob).
Ross... I hate that store, whenever I'm with family and they want to go shopping, they go to Ross... "Dress for Less"... I found some shoes at a local shoe store for 15 dollars and at Ross they were, and this is not exaggeration, 40 bucks. Wow, I'm glad I avoid Ross like the plague.
I had a conversation about how Zelda is a whore, how she likes being kidnapped, and how she most likely has STDs. She has the triforce of Wisdom, shouldn't she know not to get caught, get turned to stone (she got stoned *drum-shot*) or just know HOW TO SHOOT AN ARROW?! She keeps hitting me in Wind Waker... fucking bitch...
All well, I've been playing DreamCast and re-realized something... I suck balls at fighters... I'm trying to play this game called "Jojo's Bizzare Adventure" on easy... I feel like I lost my dignity with how quick I lost.
Also, one time I was playing Street Fighter 4 at a gamestore and this little kid who was probably 6-7 clicked the other controller and so he was going to play against me and and he kicked my ass at it... I just need to stick to my shoot'em'ups.


  1. ive been looking for new headphones, maybe i should get these ones

  2. hrm.. Earphones fuck my ears. I have to have real speakers if I play longer than 2 hours