Don't You Hate/Love Certain Dreams?

My dreams all last week consisted of amazing things, first, I had a dream that I was in ancient times (and I had an awesome mustache (And I don't mean one of the "ironic" mustaches, I mean a good mustache.))And I was on my way to a nice castle. As soon as I got there I learned that it was my own.
I was pampered and everything was wonderful and I suddenly got a bill out of nowhere, I looked it over and I pulled out my wallet to figure out I had no money.
I told the man who apparantly handed me the bill awkwardly that I had nothing on me so the building started crumbling and poof I woke up from the dream... I chuckled for a bit and then I got ready for the day.

Today I woke up from a terrible dream, I was smoking from a hookah (something I don't normally do) while I was in a limo with one of my sisters friends. We were driving down the street and suddenly I saw my Girlfriend making out with my best friend since childhood. I got out and he looks over at me and stands up, kicks me in the nuts and walks back (in real life I'm nearly immune to those types of hits, it's almost sad, I've been hit in a variety of ways.) I ask her "What the fuck?" and she says "I love him now" (simplistic, yes, but it's my dream) I walk over and punch my friend in the back of the head and he passes out and that's when I woke up.

Dreams are friends and enemies.
P.S. This was pointless, I know.


  1. hahah slightly pointless, but i love a good dream

  2. is it bad that I havent had a dream in ages?

  3. trying to learn how to lucid dream. So I can be productive, even when my body rests