You ever get the feeling

I think cars hate me, whenever I get a ride I always end up hitting my head multiple times, whether it is on the window, on the ceiling, or on the seat in front of me.
Also, in certain cars, I feel like I just can't shut up... In the previous post, I did that monologue thing, but today I was making up a dialogue that started with the thought "what if I just said hello to the guy in the car next to me?"
Here goes:
Me: Hey, what's up?!
Other guy:... uhm hello.
Me: Hey, you wanna go for a coffee sometime.
Other guy: Who are you?
Me: I don't know, who are you?... So how about some coffee?
O.G.: I don't know you, Mom, can we go faster?
Me: Oh, well now I feel insulted.
O.G.: Oh, c'mon, how about some coffee some time?
Me: I already asked and you said no

And this crazy dialogue went on while the girl I was getting a ride from was just staring
and I did not stop

Me: (towards random high schoolers on the side-walk and my head sticking out the window) THE WIND FEELS SO GOOD ON MY FACE!!!

Yeah, I was a bit of an idiot today


  1. My hair always ends up hitting the roof of the car when I get in...

  2. I love how the imaginary other guy asks his mom if they can go faster. I just imagine you harassing a ten year old kid in the next car, lol.

  3. You should totally just start that random question next time. I know what you mean though... I usually play out scenes between random strangers in my head of how stuff will go down should I randomly start speaking to them. Makes for fun thoughts.

  4. How do you manage to hit your head all over?