Enjoyable Pain

Every man has done this at least twice in his life, just one stupid thing that could kill you but fuck that, you want fire or enjoyable pain (whether for yourself or others).
My example? New years eve. Whole pack of fireworks, get rid of all the cardboard crap and take turns aiming other fireworks at a pile of pure "flamability"
Also, making balls of fire that you can hold in your hands without burning them (it takes practice to make them though, be wary the first time you try) and then SAFELY and CONTROLLINGLY Scaring others (do not throw them ya dumbass).
Other random things, doing cartwheels when you clearly don't have the ability to do so and landing on your side as to not make damage but make a realistic impact to scare others.
What are your examples of "enjoyable pain"?
Leave something about that in the comments.


  1. Know what ya mean, its like going to almost the extremes without injuring urslef to get that rush feeling

  2. Barrel rolling down steep hills knowing that you're gunna collide with that ONE tree that awaits you at the bottom XD

  3. Really want to learn how to do those fire balls tricks. Had a co-worker who could do it.

  4. Lol, passing a semi with a speeding SUV coming at me on a narrow bridge. Cleared the Semi with INCHES to spare