I feel like this at times

A party-goer wandered by simple and plain
He was just there without a claim for any fame
But at once he started to flip and to freak
And he started to move around and make his shoes squeak
"What is this music playing so loud?"
and the party stopped and he gained the eyes of the crowd
He looked up, shyly and embarrassed.
They chuckled at him and said "what's up his ass?"
He jumped up and abandoned that place
With tears almost falling from his face.
and so he hid for a month or two or maybe a lot more
He just knew with that song still going on that he'd just shut his door
In January
He still thought it scary
In February
Life wasn't too merry
In March
He hid in th dark
In April
He still wasn't able
In May
He thought "Her I will stay"
This all went on ending with December and continuing from June
All because of that following non-ending tune
Finally a friend found him sitting in his house looking older than time
He questioned and assumed that it was maybe it's part of a crime
When finally our character just said
"for 12 months I've had a song burn my ears"
The friend stood still and finally said
"you fool, you've had a song in your head for a few years"

My attempt at poetry