Blog from a Cannon

I see you there, getting in my field, and I can't wait to shoot off in your direction.
The impact upon your body and the look on your face is always so satisfying.
The load up to the firing is such an exhilarating experience, whether it happens once or ten times in one day.
Maybe it's the waiting for it all to start that gets it all so fun. The wondering if it will be a big one expecting us, or if it will be an innocent bystander.
Or maybe it's the end when everything gets washed away and it all becomes a memory.

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P.S. Auditions, acting, and helping. Three things I like but they keep me from blogging. :D


  1. Apparently, cannons are sadistic assholes. I suppose that's to be expected.

  2. all cannons do is blow stuff up.

  3. Holy crap dude I absolutely love it! Definitely some of the best writing I've read on some blogs thus far. Keep it up!

  4. Me no undestanding.... cannon illiterate here lol