recently I have been sleeping 6AM to 4PM... which is unhealthy as it is.
but now I am getting a small job where I actually have to be up at those exact times... bad coincidence.
So I did what I thought was smart... I stayed up from 4PM to 1PM the next day which was just about as long as my willpower was keeping me awake.
I mean, I was mesmerized by a slinky and not once, not twice, but what seemed to be 6 times, I moved the slinky and it fell and I jumped high enough to hit the roof each time...
Also I was watching the movie Purgatory, which was a good movie from what I remember, except for ******SPOILER!!!******
******the ending part where the Indian man throws the guys into Hell, I thought the idea Hell being******  ******a mystery behind the black gate seemed more appropriate... Also, I was so sad when the****** ******farmer was sent through the gate, you got to warrant that I had the mind of a five year old****** ******since I was so damn tired, but I was balling my eyes out at that part****** 
******END SPOILER******
So I went to sleep finally and then I woke up... at 10PM...
Now this was all yesterday so I thought not too much of it... but then I tried to ride it out again... but I was just able to stay up... till exactly the same time, I don't know if made things better or worse...


  1. Dang! I wish i could sleep in that late! lol.

  2. do some exercise and finish it one hour befor aleeping, it will help you :)

  3. Thats the weirdest thing ever. I went to bed this morning at 6am and woke up at 4pm. ha