I could outdo Glee

I want to make a Jukebox musical series that instead of making it about performing, have it be that the songs are almost spur of the moment like in a lot of musicals and have to do with the plot.
And NOT massacre some of my favorite songs.
Once again for effect
NOT... Massacre... Some... Of... My... Favorite... Wait for it...
Maybe have some characters being stoners singing Bohemian Rhapsody, and they could be getting paranoid when the song gets to "I see a little silhouette of a man"
Or maybe have a couple talking on the phone with the song "Telephone" (bleh, not that great of a song but that's what came into mind first) and one of them being in a club
I'd try to write... But I'm not good at writing characters...
But actually if someone could do that, and not make it cheesy because cheesy is popular now, just like obscurity... but make it fun and good writing.

Are you still waiting? ... Songs!
Yeah, I hate Glee... So what?