Youtube. For the most part, I can't stand it. At most, a good 30% is good, and that's not counting the many duplicate videos and videos that are under a minute. Then there is the comments. One small detail of the video can be taken the wrong way by one person, and then the whole comment page on a video about the proper use of toenail clippers, filled with comments against the sexual overtones of the video.Third, Youtube is not a place to voice your opinion on the waiter last night who ended. Last, there are the people who think that since they can make their classroom laugh or that their parents think they can sing, they can make everyone on the internet laugh or charm the world with their voice, but what we end up with is some mobile phone recording of them squawking or them flailing around and making the jokes we hear every day in our own social life.
I hate to seem like a critic, but if Youtube were a movie, I would give it one and a half stars with the following critique.
"It started out as a promising flick with a mixture of varieties, and with some great vocals, but as it drew closer to the middle, I saw what could only be described as a disastrous piece of tripe that seemed like a 12 year old would have written and the music grew exceedingly worse with the further I got into it. If you want a good film, watch about the first third."

P.S. I really struggle at coming up with good topics, doesn't it seem?

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