I'm Dr.Doolittle... Except Only With Spiders

*Note: I did not drink, ingest, or smoke anything that caused this story, unless you can drink the feel of being tired*
I started talking to a spider for my own entertainment last night and I was just saying things like "Hiya spider, thanks for catching that mosquito because, as you know Mr. Spider, I have a reaction when bitten" and it was very innocent.
Until I got up for a drink of water.
I came back to the spider, and instinctively I said "so where were we?" and pondered a second and then realized "ah, right mosquitoes. Did you know that when I was a little kid, a mosquito bit my on my cheek and my whole face was swollen, no joke... "
And I just carried on talking like I was just getting to know him, unaware that I was talking to a spider, and it didn't stop until I asked
"Well, I should go to bed, it was nice talking to you mr..."
At that moment, I realized that I had shared my life story with a spider... and I don't even think he was listening, he was just wrapping up a butterfly...
And then I grabbed a Dr. Pepper and went to bed.

Spiders aren't great listeners...
Edit: I originally said beer, but I meant to say Dr. Pepper... I don't even drink... beer was on my mind because I was watching Cheers... I lied about having a hangover :(
I'm sorry, can you forgive me?
I'm not even old enough to drink yet :(
I'll make sure not to lie again :D

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