Random 3/4/11

Here's some of my original art on photoshop and paint (I'm gonna fix the one in paint as soon as possible)
 This is the one I made in paint as you can probably tell from the stretch on the right side, I'm gonna remake it... someday

This one I'm slightly proud of, mainly because I live in a very religious community and I managed to make it in my school (this was made quite a while ago) all behind the teachers back. I could've easily been suspended for this


  1. Based on his track record, I wouldn't trust Christacare.

  2. I'm getting me some Christacare for my Christine...
    Since that car is the devil, am I still covered?

  3. What do you go to catholic school? We used to get away with cursing out our teachers when I was in high school, and I don't even think they did 'suspensions' at my community college, they'd just drop your ass from the class.

  4. This was made when I was in highschool, it was a charter school (for performing arts) and in Utah you can get suspended just for the F-bomb

  5. LOL I bet that would be a pretty fun game to play.... you'll have to email Rockstar about that