Blog from a Balloon

Today started well. I got purchased with a pack of 99... Why not 100 I have no clue but I was the balloon first picked out of the bag because it was a pack of red ones yet I was silver.
Everything was going well but then after the party his nephew took me outside and immediately lost grip... or he let go.
Now I've been floating past the world for at least 4 hours and thanks to the wind I've seen 5 mountains, 2 cities, and one small town and I've even flown alongside some birds.
I think the pressure is getting to me. I feel like I might burst but I've seen a lot in these few hours. I'm up by the clouds. I guess this is a goodbye though.
Who else gets to go to a party and see more than most men in only one day?

Feeling like shit,


  1. Did you know there was such a thing as a balloon fetish? The more you know...

  2. =p So creative these blogs of yours!

  3. Good thing you brought your laptop.

  4. #after3
    He used the texting feature ;)

  5. haha your blog is so awesome, keep it up!