Story (these are some of my ideas) 3/4/11

Three ideas for stage things
I have a concept but no plot for this.
3 main guys, one talks all in palindrome, one in puns, and one in anagrams of who he responds to.
I want it to represent miscommunication between groups (racial and religious) but I'm not sure how
The other two ideas are musical remakes of two movies, I thought since almost everything is being remade to a musical (Spider-Man, Young Frankenstein, Legally Blonde, and even Catch Me If You Can is being made into one soon), someone (who knows? maybe I could do it.) should start rewriting stuff to submit on my own. These two ideas are both movies that star Jim Carrey, and have great potential
They are The Mask and Liar Liar.
If Liar Liar had a musical score, it could have somewhat of a jazzy style to it, while also having potential for slower stuff. One idea that comes to mind is when Fletcher insults all the people in the meeting, and also him beating the stuffing out of himself.
With The Mask, I can see absolute insanity, but it would one hell of a time making props, sets, and costumes, but I can see it working if you take some liberties. The musical style could range from Cuban Pete to maybe a parody style slow song.
These three are just three ideas, but I think some of these could be phenomenal. (especially Liar Liar)

Thanks for listening, don't touch that dial and keep yourself tuned in for this is,


  1. Reminds me of a game they would've played on Whose Line is it Anyways.

  2. Sweet! Pass that super bowl review link around I could use the traffic.

  3. The first idea could be really interesting once you've fleshed it out.