Life 3/3/11

Well, life is going well.
I can't really complain about anything.
Except for one detail. I know one girl (ooh, a romance) and I am interested in her, but I feel awkward around her for one reason. I told her to break up with her last boyfriend.
No, I didn't tell her because I had a crush on her (I only recently started to have a crush on her). I told her because he took her for granted.
Now that I like her though, I just feel like I locked the keys of the car (the car being her willing to have a relationship) that I thought I would never have to walk into.
Ha, all well.
All I have to do is find a way to pick the lock or a way to jimmy open the door without hurting it too much, then I can get in.
On another note, I started drawing pictures of my blank-faced teacher and then put it in different scenarios (Ex. Mr. XXX if he had wings, or Mr. XXX if he was an octopus (I'll post pics if I can get them scanned))
It entertained my friends.
His expression was blank when he saw it.
I shall make it my mission to get him out of that blank face of his.
As you might have noticed, I didn't post any names, I plan on staying anonymous (except TVR is my own initials) for as long as possible.
And also
The ellipses that I use between the rows of letters is my own way of transitioning between stories of my life.

Well that's all for now,


  1. I'm sure everything will turn out okay for you, good luck with the girl!

  2. interesting stuff man, hope that all works out for you

  3. Cool blog. I wanna see octopus Mr.XXX

  4. Sounds good
    Keep up with your plan jimmy it up
    look for some youtube vids on how to jimmy :P
    Good luck anyways
    hope you get her

  5. just a note, the picture is very cartoonish and amateur (although I think I did good on these ones)... I just wonder how the response will be when I turn in that paper with those doodles on it..

  6. IM glad your life is going good. And good luck with the girl

  7. please post your mr.XXX pics! i second the octopus idea

  8. hope your girl turns out good, but your life seems aight