Blog from a sock 3/8/11

I wonder where all my mates are heading off to, I haven't seen some in a long time.
The other day me and my pal, Gym Socks, were in the wash but afterwards he was just gone. I'm starting to get a bit freaked out though.
It's probably nothing.
Maybe it's some sort of club. Just haven't got myself an invitation yet.
Speaking of the wash, I need one. BADLY.
I smell worse than Hell mixed with digested Taco Bell. I guess that's what happens when the Gym Socks are gone.
I am not meant to be ran around in.
I am for lounging. Nothing more.
What makes it worse is that it was a field I was going through. Now I have prickles all over me, and I know I'm gonna pull some of my threads out when I get those off.
Maybe tomorrow I can rest a bit.

Requested Kyle Shankin
P.S. Next time, it's going to be a door.


  1. This reminds me, I need to do laundry...

  2. This is the weirdest blog I've ever seen.

  3. Love this. Love the direction your blog here has. Very humorous in a sly way.

  4. lmao, this is my kind of underlying humor. thanks for the post