Blog from a Fridge 3/5/11

Man, I've been starving this last week. I've been dying for some food. Damn microwave, he keeps bragging about how he makes those godawful noodles every 3 hours. I can hear him cooking right now, soon he'll start that horrible beeping sound.
I'm in the mood for some milk, I know the cupboard over there has a shit-ton of cereal and is getting tired of it.
Wait a second, there's the car parked out front. Oh please be groceries, please be groceries, PLEASE DEAR GOD LET IT BE GROCERIES!!
The best banquet ever! I can't believe all that food he bought! He even had to fill the basement fridge, and I know Basement Fridge has been starving for about two months now.

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  1. i lol'd i love it, looking forward to future posts.

  2. hahahah very good man, keep them coming. Voted yes.

  3. That poor, poor basement fridge.

  4. Funny, thanks for following :)

  5. lol that was funny post surely will follow this!!

  6. phew. Thank god it was groceries. I was worried there for a minute.