Random 3/8/11

All right, people actually like my writing.
You have no clue how happy this actually made me. I plan on doing these once daily and I plan on keeping them relatively short so they won't become annoying and I will always be open to suggestions
Now since I am bored I might as well tell y'all some about myself.
I am an actor in training (explains my addiction to caffeine) and I do not claim myself as a great actor, but I do know there are some dream roles I have and some roles I know I could pass off.

West Side Story:
Riff or Action, Action just because I would love to sing "Gee Officer Krupke"
I would love to be the one who's death is the shit hitting the fan and I know I don't have the looks to pass off as Tony.
That being said, you could be so creative with Riff, you could make him seem slightly immature, but always having a scheme for every opportunity, or you could make him seem like a know-it-all jerk. He isn't exactly a definite character and it would be great to come up with my own definition for him.

Little Shop Of Horrors:
Seymour or Orin (The dentist) Seymour is a definite nerd in this, and I have the looks of a nerd on my own (ginger). While that would be fun playing a role similar to myself, I would rather play the sadistic bastard dentist playing it all out crazy and dramatically dying in the song "It's Just The Gas" (which wasn't in the movie) and on top of that, I would be able to sing the song "Dentist" which is one of my all time favorites.

Sweeney Todd:
Sweeney or Pirelli, first of all, I hate the film adaptation of Sweeney, it was lazy, they got rid of Sweeney's character development, and they took all the good comedy out of it ("Little Priest").
Sweeney would be great because he goes through a range of emotions, starting a hopeful, then to despair, to vengeful, to insane, then finally back to despair.
Pirelli is just a jackass and who doesn't want to act that part?

There were some of my dream roles and tomorrow, expect to see another POV blog


  1. the little shop of horror role is indeed a dream role :)

  2. I love your blog man, good to know a bit more about u :) please do a blog from your front/entrance doors pov! Cheers

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts...

  4. I have some family members in musical theatre, anything like that going on iwth you? looking forward to more posts

  5. you must live a really excited life! hahah tell me about coffee i never liked it now im hooked on it its really the only thing that makes me study

  6. looking forward to your future posts, love reading these.