Blog from a Sports Car 3/14/11

Do you wanna know what I hate? I hate when I'm driving along and suddenly I hear a loud pop and then my engine ends up sounding like shit.
My turbo is out and I don't even know what happened to my engine and now I have to sit here, in this driveway, and wait until I can get a new pipe and then get driven down to the Auto place, and then have him pay a ridiculous amount of money, just to see what is wrong with me.
What a great start to the week. Absolutely fantastic.
I hate this driveway. I hate this whole complex.
It's so f'ing thin that everytime I go through, I get a knick or a scratch. It hurts.
I guess I can laugh at the poor suckers who get scratched twice as easily though. With that ducktaped headlight and who knows what other problems it may have.
Can't Summer come fast enough? I'm going to be driven up to North Dakota from Utah, and it'll be one Hell of a great drive... As long as I don't have to pray I can make it with a gas tank that's near empty.

Suggested by SKINNYBOX
P.S. I'll do more of different cars every week or so, which was suggested by Found On The Internet Today
Next one will be a guitar.


  1. Very good!Can't wait to read the guitar one!

  2. yeah I'm famous! haha
    Good blog post though. Looking forward to next one!

  3. I'm loving the concept of your blogs so far XD

  4. lol, great looking blog. sorry about the car though O.o

  5. Interesting.

  6. The funny thing, Random Fan, is that I don't have a sports car, this was based off a friends car.

  7. Always good to have an objects perspective on life.

  8. Chin up sun. things will get better.