Blog from a Television (F Bomb warning, because I think my T.V. has been around that word a lot.)

All right, I can deal with that Classic Video Gaming marathon he had. I can deal with when he just decides to watch random shitty movies like Garbage Pail Kids.
But when you have a full, every episode marathon... of Scrubs. From episode 1 season one to episode What The Fuck are you doing watching all of them in one day because you are slightly stressed out?
That's a bit weak.
At least he's watching funny stuff right now... I think it's supposed to be funny... In a dark way...
Extremely dark and epic mindfuck... in Czech...
What's the deal with the foreign movies anyway?
Amelie, Life is Beautiful, Tokyo Godfathers, Pan's Labyrinth.
English not good enough for him?
I guess I can't blame him. A lot that comes out in English is complete shit.

P.S. That mindfuck movie is called "Little Otik" and you can find it streaming on Netflix.
Also, those 4 movies listed are some of my all time favorites. Check 'em out if you can, they're great.


  1. Hey man, foreign films are great...

  2. Seems like the TV was pretty lucky with the selection.

  3. Garbage Pail kids just gave me a heart attack of nostalgia. I might want to watch that tonight despite how awful it is.

  4. Oh god, Amelie, who the fuck willingly watches that?

  5. Scrubs? Poor TV. At least you made up for it w/ some good films.

  6. Fucking filthy mouthed motherfucking television.
    God damn.


  7. I willingly watch Amelie because it is a wonderful, joyful movie.
    Though I can't really say too much against you without entering opinion.
    Some like coffee, some like tea.
    I myself love a good 2-liter of Dr. Pepper to get my caffeine fix.