Intro to TVR

I set up a blogger account, I'm performing in a concert, and I bought a 64 oz. cup of Dr. Pepper.
As this is my first post on a blog ever, I might as well tell you all (all as in the 3 people (if even that) that might find this remotely interesting) what you are in for.
-I sometimes come up with pointless anecdotes, stories, and jokes. I will write them down here and hopefully give you all a giggle
-I like organization, so if I post something about my life, I will title it life, if it's a story, joke, or anecdote, I will give it a title and write story, joke, or anecdote next to it in parentheses.
-Recurring things will most likely be the following: Dr. Pepper, Concert, Bored (in the summer mostly), and Practice.
Now I am off to finish this 64 ounce cup of Dr. Pepper, stop being bored, and start practicing for my concert.

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