Blog from a Tree 3/16/11

Nothing much interesting has gone on today. I've just been pissed on, I've had little kids tear off my sticks and leaves, and a couple carve their initials in me.
Life is fantastic.
I don't mind if I'm climbed in, but if there is no care for their (or my) safety. They shouldn't climb.
Case point, a small, probably 5-year old kid was climbing and decides to just jump... From my very top...
What was he thinking? He's lucky he didn't get any broken bones or even survived from that height.
I guess I feel like a gaurdian to all the people that lay under me for shade. Too bad I can't really help them though.

Suggested by SKINNYBOX
P.S. Next one will be an old NES system.


  1. Youre just jealous cause you cant climb a tree.

  2. Actually, the story about jumping from the tree was from when I was 5... Completely stupid idea.
    But I always climb the tree in my backyard when I need a bit of peace and quiet.

  3. Well at least you weren't attacked by a madman with an axe. It happens to a lot of trees around these parts...

  4. Least you didn't get cut down for fire wood.

  5. This is really original. Great idea for a blog!

  6. My kitty cat got stuck up a tree once