Story From Life 3/4/11

All right, for all of you slapstick lovers here is a story that is actually true.
I was at an amusement park, everything was happy and fun, all in all it was a good day.
Then there was one ride. It was a spinning ride that wasn't too vigorous, barely enough to make your heart race.
One little problem though, there was a little stump between the legs to keep you from sliding under or something like that.
All right.
As I was getting off of this ride, these two girls sitting next to me hop off and it shifts the weight or the seat... while I am in mid-lean.
The very next thing I can see is the ground slightly in front of my face as I am hanging from my... manly area... on that stump.
As that goes on, I start to think. "AAAAAAAAAGH, GET ME DOWN NOW!!" or something like that for the next ten seconds.
Life lesson #1: Always get off, out, in, or on first because if you don't, there is the possibility that you could get life altering pains
Life lesson #2: Walking always helps forgetting the pain.

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  1. i salute you and your mangled genitalia, sir.

  2. This is why I stay away from Six Flags like the plague.

  3. I got in those rides where you got straight up and then it just drop you down
    well it wasnt that big like those six flags ones but it was still pretty tall
    Anyways I had to go to the restroom and we were already leaving
    then my friends told me hey lets go in this ride
    before we leave
    I was like okay sure since they were paying for the ride :] So i got on
    then bam
    down we go felt everything rushing
    then when we hit the bottom or stopped at the bottom
    I felt my a weight like dropped on my bladder
    I was just like "WTFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU"
    So i just walked it off to the restroom hahaha