Movies (Un Prophete) 3/4/11

Un Prophete
(French Drama)
A man who goes to prison and becomes the "dirty jobs" guy for the high-class, run the place prisoners.
Don't let this title fool you, it's not a religious movie. It's basically a Godfather type story, but it's set in jail. You get attached to the characters and the film uses that straight from the beginning. It does have a long run time of two and a half hours so I'd say prep some snacks and have a few friends to watch it with. It is not a humorous movie but it keeps you in suspense.
Give it a watch if you're not doing anything and you're focused.
After the first watch you'll basically have an understanding of the whole plot, the only time you'll be watching it again is when you show a friend this or a year after the first time
I give it an 8/10


  1. I love french movies (foreign for me) looks interesting thanks!

  2. Sounds pretty good actually
    Sounds worth sitting down for two hours
    Some pop corn could help too

  3. so far i read all three.. post more :)