Blogs from a various piercings

Wow... I've been sitting here for a week and this is absolute garbage that she's eating. How can this be healthy?
I guess it's interesting seeing the world from the mouth of a singer... It's still sort of disgusting
-Tongue Piercing
I can't believe it. Just sitting in the drawer and when I'm finally about to be used again, my biggest gem seems to be missing. I just can't believe it. I'm perfect for the occasion! But this giant gaping hole is just not symmetrical with my other. I guess she's got a decent reason... I still can't believe it...
-Ear Piercing
Well, what can I say? 
-Naval Piercing

I'd go further, but I'm trying not to be dirty
P.S. Note the "she"s instead of "he"s. These are not my piercings. I am piercing free... for now... until I get drunk at a party and make a stupid call for an appointment at a piercing and tattoo place getting a tattoo at the same time of two pieces of bread in nun clothing with a banner under it saying "Beware the nun buns"... either that or I'll get one to impress a girl.


  1. I dunno why but piercings scare me......

  2. I love this blog. It's so creative. You could have done a nose, lip, eyebrow. In case you're looking for some for the future.

  3. Interesting post... agree with above, super creative!

  4. haha ill expect for me to do the same lol
    probably a piercing and a tattoo maybe voluntarily but it would have to be something special not just getting a tattoo just to get one

  5. Go all the from a Jacob's Ladder or a Prince Albert!

  6. Get dirty C'MON!


  7. Lol, I think I like navel's best