I need to stop going on and on about how my day was because it doesn't make for an interesting story a lot of the time.

As I sit here, scratching my now shaven face, I have realized that my recent stories of being in plays are unappealing to read, to save myself from being a boring man, I have decided to talk about your day instead.
You woke up drowsily/readily/sadly/happily/uncaringly/bored/with a hangover and decided to go to the fridge/shower/dresser/sink/gutter and go about your daily routine. You then decided to look on a computer and check your e-mail/check your facebook/lol I don't hav interwebz/browse porn/play solitaire/play minesweeper/play some sort of flash or FPS game
Then you stumbled upon this blog post and read it/disregarded it/skimmed through it/broke your computer/turned off your computer because mainly insane people dwell on the internet and you don't want to look insane even though you end up running outside with a maniacal laugh of triumph to prove you are not a slave of techobobbles and the like/masturbate

And that's as far as I'll go