A story about a high school student who basically invents a way to swing through the air flawlessly and becomes a vigilante
Evil Dead
A story about a group of campers who break into a house and find a book of the dead that calls to the world evil demons
The Titanic
A real life boat that sailed through the ocean and crashed into an iceberg
Phoenix Wright
A logic based video game series about lawyers

These all sound like perfect ideas for musicals

Okay, honestly, I don't think crazy things are necessarily bad things (I do like some of the songs in the Spider-Man musical, most of the songs in the Evil Dead musical, and the Titanic... well I'm going to be in that one.) but they're not good things sometimes either.  (the Phoenix Wright musical (though I can't understand it, I can read subtitles) sucks) I think there has to be dedication and a great respect for something when you take the idea of something and mess around with its genetics, you have to know how to respect it and take a cautionary approach with changing things too much.

Also I just watched Limitless... it was a great and fun movie.



  1. Oh and Star Wars... And Lord Of The Rings

  2. I agree with you, tho I rarely go to musicals

  3. The only one who can pull off mass-appeal musicals is Family Guy

  4. These would be weird musicals. But symphonies would be great for these.

  5. great list :)

    Impeccable !