I saw a high school performance of the musical "Children of Eden"
Children of Eden is the story of the creation of the world (in the religious sense) starting with Adam & Eve and ending with Noah and the flooding of the world.
It wasn't Broadway quality but it was fantastic anyway.
The kids had all of their hearts all the way in their performance and some of the singers were absolutely magnificent both in quality and how they portrayed it.
I specifically loved the person they got to play God and Abel.
The musical itself would've been bland if it wasn't for the technical and ensemble aspects of the show.
For the lighting, they had the rainbow to signify that the world wouldn't flood again but instead of just lighting up a rainbow in the back they had the different lights come up suddenly and each different color wasn't together as the rainbow at first but it all moved together.
The animals were all played by people (as it's supposed to be) and they made it clear what animals they were while not being too ridiculous with it.
The comedy was little but I'm thankful because it was a dramatic tale (but God promising Abel with a "pinky promise" was hilarious)

There was one thing I didn't get though and a friend of mine first pointed out, God is fucking evil and bi-polar as shit. (sorry, but I'm not the most religious guy and I'm mainly talking about the show not about the story)
First: he created the rebellion and all the shit that's wrong with Eve, and as the rebellion goes from her to Caine (Kane... some way or another to spell it) so that means God himself had to have had that rebellion in him making him imperfect also making him a hypocrite condemning Caine like that
Second: Killing all of the Caine bloodline (or all with the mark of Caine)... when they did nothing too big (I guess they said they were violent but we don't see it) BY FUCKING DROWNING THE GOD DAMNED WORLD... But one of the Caine's bloodline gets on the ark because Japheth (a son of Noah) is in love with the girl, Yonah (bloodline of Caine)... so he screws over all who's in the boat.... but then he let's them all live because Noah marries Japheth and Yonah, which would let the Caine's bloodline live... which is why the world was flooded... (I thought we said this guy was all powerful and all knowing and FORGIVING)

... I'm confused... but I loved it all anyway :D

Considering it was high school, it was absolutely fantastic
I'm tired... I don't usually drink coffee... CAFFEINE CRASH.

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  1. Yea,
    The biblical story is funny as hell! Agree with your conclusion on god^^