I'm sorry, but I can not stand a certain actor. This guy is always typecast and people always argue for him and say "It's the director's fault" but he always plays the slightly cooky and awkward guy and when he isn't then he's monotone... He hasn't always been that way though, but now, Johnny Depp is just an actor that isn't that pleasant for me to watch.
Sleepy Hollow, cooky and awkward
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, cooky and extremely awkward
Pirates, Extremely cooky and less awkward.
People have argued to me that "It's just his acting choices for each role to make them different"... They are all the same just with more or less facial hair. One person told me "The director tells him to act like that and in Pirates he chose that on his own".. nice contradiction. He never looks like he's having fun, and whenever he doesn't do cooky and awkward he is monotone. (Sweeney Todd for example, He ruined that role)

I guess I shouldn't go on this rant... I already bitched about it enough yesterday

Edited in side-note after seeing some comments about how he is talented: I do think he does... or did have talent, it's just all the same now. I loved a lot of his more natural roles... and even though he's not a natural person in Edward Scissor-Hands, his delivery was a lot more real and less... "I am the whimsical Johnny Depp, FANGIRLS ARE MY AUDIENCE for I am the magic JD"


  1. He's not all bad, they just need to stop using him for like every role out there. lol.

  2. I agree with Zombie. He has talent, he's awkward.

  3. Watch Deadman. Totally different.