Gulliver's Travels

Well I just finished the movie Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black.
My thoughts on it are as follows, it was fun, the story may not have been the best (though the original story is a classic) and the jokes worked most of the time, it would most enjoyably be looked at as a fun family flick or something to see with friends.
Synopses: A guy who works a dead-end job gets demoted from boss of the mail-room (in a newspaper place) to mail-room worker and gets a talk about how he has no ambition or passion, so he tries talking to a girl he likes and instead lies to her telling her that he writes and travels and would be perfect for an opening for a travel/journalist and submits a plagiarized sample journal and gets hired and sent to the Bermuda Triangle.
He gets shipwrecked in a slightly hilarious way and washes up on a land where everyone is tiny except him.
The jokes that work come from the modernization, they said something along the lines of "It beith not you, it beith me"... "that makes no sense"
The jokes that don't work involve potty humor... I love certain potty humor but it got gross within the context of this film. For example: he trips and his ass-crack lands on a man... Maybe it is funny talking about it, but not during the film.
Overall I would say watch it and forget about it, it's a one-time flick.

P.S. I'm not going to talk about the effects because it was so random, sometimes fantastic and sometimes god-awful.


  1. Eh...hate Jack Black although I like others in it... I was torn. But I may watch it and forget it like you say.

  2. mehhh... Saw it and was not a huge fan of it...

  3. Didn't see it. Jack Black just turns me off a movie.