All righty then

Idiot/jackass/douchebaggy moves this last year and a few that I've seen:
I told a guy that I liked a girl... He asked her on a date the week after that (he showed no interest in her before)
At a party, this one girl was liked by two guys and she (after thinking over for a long time) made her choice with one... both were at the party and she was all over the guy she chose... of course the other guy feels rejected so she talks with him right before he heads home... The guy she chose was staring at them while she was explaining to him with an evil glare on his face that was basically saying "That's my girl don't you dare even talk to her"
Standing in line, suddenly a guy is like right behind me breathing on my neck... I get to the front of the line and he cuts... I spoke up and after a quarrel I was kicked out of the restaurant.
Sleeping on a bench during rehearsals (I finished all I had to do for the time being and I had 3 hours till I had to do something and I was tired) Woke up by being choked... "Haha, you should have seen your face."

Yet I can't wait for what happens tomorrow 


  1. That is crazy. Realistic, but brazy

  2. Guys always seem to want what other people want.

  3. hehe, yup. Some guys are duchbags!

  4. Lol, i want more details of these stories