My nose

I have been playing a bunch of Arcade games non-stop lately.
Fighters and Shooters and just fun stuff...
I need an arcade in my town... I live near Vegas though and I've heard they have a "barcade" there... but I'm not 21 or older...
I remember one time that I went on a date with a girl while I was in High school and it was in the park... we started making out and suddenly her mother was standing there... Scared the shit out of me...
"Hello ma'am..."
"Having a good time?"
"... Yeah"
"C'mon Janae, we gotta go now, I'll give you ten minutes and I'll wait in the car"
".............. nice meeting you ma'am"
That was awkward.



  1. I live near a shitloada arcades. In fact, my nearest one is less than 2 minute walk away. -_-

  2. Great place I know of called 1984, you pay $5 admission fee, and all the arcades are free, fee covers all day/night til closing, can even leave and come back no charge. Place is GREAT!

    Got a few on my site if you feel so interested:

  3. I miss arcades. There used to be at least two in the mall here, plus Putt Putt. Now there's nothing.

  4. i remember there was a street fighter machine at this laundromat i used to go to
    so many quarters spent

  5. Haha i would have been like "She cant stay a bit longer ill have her back by 10 and she will be all worn out"

  6. hehe, 21 is such a wierd age limit.. come to europe!