Stream of Mind

So the other day I was talking to a friend when suddenly I just thought "what would happen if everybody said what they thought out loud for one day, like that movie 'Invention of Lies'"...
It didn't take long to realize a bunch of relationships would probably end and some new might start. Some people would be walking down the streets just singing and others would be shouting profanities.
Movie theaters would be near impossible to go to because everyone would be shouting out what they thought immediately and Stage-actors would probably be out of character every other second.
Some people would be with a group of friends saying "why do you like me?" and responses might go like "because my friend is with you right now and I want to hang out with her" which might lead to only one person truly liking the guy but the rest want to look cool.
An emo in the corner would be singing showtunes.
Some people might just be like "Apple! Fruit! Juice! Drink! Soda! Bubbles! Childhood!"
The stock-market would be crashing undoubtedly and a few politicians would get the boot.
Hell, if it was two days ago then my friend could have been arrested for smoking pot instead of straight-up lying to a cop and walking away.

Then I just though "No way would that ever happen" and continued on with my conversation.
P.S. What do you think could happen/change in your own personal life if this happened for one day?


  1. I'd be arrested within seconds....

  2. haha, would not be good!
    would be good for a couple of minutes but then not after that

  3. Lol if this happened to me, the world be in total chaos. My imagination is too powerful >_<

  4. This would be amazing! I could just bring a sound recorder with me wherever I went, and I swear the greatest pieces of literature of our century would, sooner than later, come word my word out of my mouth. If I thought hard enough for long enough, I bet I could even cure cancer. If this could ever happen, I could unleash the power of my conscience and not have to deal with annoying unfinished thoughts. Thanks for the post. I'm gonna go figure out a way to make this happen.

  5. It would be funny. And Invention of Lies is a hilarious movie

  6. Yep, I think society would crumble...

  7. @ Erika,
    you should be arrested for the safty of thoses around you^^

  8. I'd lose my job, get disowned by my family, lose alot of my friends, and get arrested! =O

  9. I'm such a harsh bastard in my head, even more so than out loud.

  10. I just speak out what I'm thinking anyways :D