I'm not one to lose a bet/dare!

Right now I have a bet with a friend that by August I will have a viking beard (Swedish blood, and I also lived there for a while so the air is still in me)
I was once dared to keep ice by my nuts for a good 3 minutes... holy fuck... 20 dollars richer.

One day this will be the end of me

I also started a conspiracy around a friend regarding suing a circus for a trapeze accident and he's going to try them for some fried pickles and clown suits but it's all part of a big plan that will unfold by the night of the City Ball... I think it's confusing him and it makes me laugh... It wasn't a bet or a dare, it was fun.

One more dare, and this shows my stupidity:
A girl said skinny dip into a non-heated outdoor pool... it was snowing outside... and I would get make-out privileges... Not bright... That girl is sort of a bitch anyway... Why'd I do it?

I never pass up a good bet or dare.
P.S. I've realized, I do not have the face for the beard, but I still have promised to grow it, and I will post weekly pictures that may be disappointing because apparently my hair stops growing after a week, but I WILL BE RED BEARD!!


  1. Haha, go you man i love type of people like best friend will take up any bet just to prove he can do it

  2. i hope those makeout sessions are paying off!!

  3. Be careful tho. Be the 'brave guy that takes on any challenge' and not the 'stupid fool who needs money'

  4. I totally agree with you lol
    Why else would I do my blog? XD
    Also... that beard sounds epic. You need to post pictures up of its development!!

  5. I have brown hair but I can grow a sweet red beard too.

  6. I wish I could grow a decent beard. I just look like a member of the Taliban if it gets too bushy.

  7. Dares are fun but sometimes the money isnt worth it.

  8. I dare you to turn down all dares, uh oh!

  9. Haha! ^^^^^ that presents a problem!