Here's a Story (long build)

I was in the original cast of a show a while back, the show was called When 
(If this paragraph is too long, just jump ahead to the one after)
and was about a woman named Audrey, who directed successful shows on Broadway that were always revivals, who never got along with her bitch of a mom when she was little, but gets a few calls about how her mom is deep into stages of Alzheimer's. Audrey leaves New York to go back to her old home which is in (I think) Colorado to visit. Throughout the play there are various flashbacks about how Audrey's mom was mean and favored Audrey's sister even though the sister was a bitch and got pregnant as a teen, and how Audrey accidentally crashed the car with her sister and her dad in it, while sister was pregnant. Dad dies, sister goes into hospital gives birth and dies due to the crash and the baby lives.

I played the doctor that broke the news in this show and during this I had the lines "The baby came out fine, Anne is still surgery"
But since I have terrible memory, I accidentally said "The baby came out fine, Anne is still pregnant"

That was two years ago and the jokes are still going on about it.

(I also have been writing more music)

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