Because I'm Not Clever

okay, I'm just goin on whatever comes out of my mind because I'm not clever.
I've really been going absolutely crazy considering my personal life is going to shit but guess what, I've learned not to care. It's easy once you find a friend who'll show you how.
A good thing that happened was I auditioned for a play a while ago, I didn't get cast.
Last Tuesday I got called out by the director who said "Hey, we had someone drop out, would you like to play the character Donald?" in my mind I thought "FUCK YES, GIVE ME MY SCRIPT NOW MOTHERFUCKER" what I said was "Yeah, when's the next rehearsal?"
and thus you see how my mind works through oddities and awesomenities... I'm gonna accept that as a word right now.
I wonder how many characters are allowed in this blog, that's something I'm going to have to figure out someday through an odd process.
Called getting laid
Just kidding, I'm not that crude... am I?
I want to get an XBox. so badly, I want Left 4 Dead... both of them... and Dance Central... and and and... I feel like a little kid writing to Santa Claus... maybe that will be my christmas blog if I can remember to get on my ass and type for a little bit.
I know I want to do a blog on my Halloween costume if I can get it to work and if I can take pics... I'm gonna try and dress up as Two-Face, and yes I know that I'm probably too old for Halloween, but, I'm not trying to be a man-child, I still feel like a kid.
Two-Face as in the animated series of Batman.
I finally saw Harry Potter 7 part 2 the other day, it's what I thought it would be. A Harry Potter movie that entertains most viewers through well choreographed action scenes and certain characters bad-assery
I was entertained by it, I like Harry Potter, but in no way would I say it's my favorite series, too little knowledge on how the magic works, and I'm not a fantasy guy, I read books like Kite Runner or To Kill a Mockingbird
I've decided I want to finish learning Swedish, learn Celtic, learn Latin, then learn Italian.
Why? Because I lived in Sweden for a little bit (and I know a girl who is fascinated by Swedish stuff, but mainly it's because my mother was born there) I'm playing and am going to play a lot of Italian character roles so my curiosity of the language arose and I love the "dead" languages

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